The Small Point Bulletin

In early 2017, my wife was appointed to be a fire commissioner in our small town of Point Roberts in Washington State. Unfortunately, the publisher of our local community paper had a long-standing grudge against her and started running disparaging articles about her. We'd wait for the paper to appear every month dreading the new hit her reputation was about to suffer in our close-knit and gossipy community.

These attacks intensified when my wife uncovered serious operational issues at our local clinic. After enduring the monthly newspaper assault, we decided to reply by publishing a weekly satirical comic website about the publisher. Since the local paper was called The All Point Bulletin, we called our comic The Small Point Bulletin. Our lead character, Gus Pratt, stood in for the real publisher, Pat Grubb:

It started as a humorous way of pointing out the publisher's hypocrisy and disingenuousness. But after the local board who ran the clinic apparently teamed up with the publisher to keep my wife at bay, the comic turned into a contemporaneous record of our battle with both.

The Small Point Bulletin tells that story.